Advice, Policy Review & Accreditation

The BSDGB develops, advises and accredits training programmes covering the various methods of management of violence & aggression, including:

  • control & restraint (C&R)
  • defensive tactics
  • breakaway techniques
  • self-defence

in respect of police, prison, young offenders’ institutions, schools, NHS and secure psychiatric settings and in respect of the related legal aspects and risk assessments.

The BSDGB was the formal registration body for the police self-defence system of taiho-jutsu which was, from 1975 until 1996, the system of self defence adopted by all police forces throughout England and Wales with the exception of the Metropolitan Police Force.

We are also pleased to undertake a review of policy documentation and advise on best practice guidelines.

The BSDGB welcomes proposals for appropriate collaborative ventures and research.

We also work with SWC Experts Group to provide a fully-supported endorsement programme for your PMVA training programme. For details please see

For further details please email.

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